Types Of Paving

It can seem very confusing when it comes to block paving and the various types that exist. We generally break block paving down into 3 categorys. Standard block paving, Tegula paving and natural stone paving.

Here is a look at some of the different types available in each category. They are all available to be laid in a variety of patterns with some laying styles available only to that specific style of block paving.


Herringbone PatternSTANDARD: Standard block paving is generally laid either in a 45 degree herringbone or a 90 degree herringbone style on driveways. This pattern lends itself to strengthening the overall paving and the term interlock paving comes from that particular style.


Basketweave PatternBASKETWEAVE: There is a basket-weave pattern which is used and this is most commonly used on square areas for gardens or on pathways that are squared off. Generally a paving feature is built to accommodate the exact dimensions to ensure no cutting is required.


Stretcher Bond PatternSTRETCHER BOND: This is a pattern that is used on slightly curved pathways or garden areas. Most hand built paving circles are laid in a stretcher bond and most borders on your driveway are laid in a stretcher bond to provide a clean edge to cut your block paving against.




3 Sized Tegula Paving3 SIZED LAYOUT: Tegula paving is available with 3 different sizes. Generally referred to as small, medium or larges. It can be laid in a combination of 3 different sizes creating a random effect on your driveway or patio area. Due to the requirements, 3 sized laying is generally laid in the same fashion with a coursed pattern throughout.


2 Sized Tegula Paving2 SIZED LAYOUT: 2 Sized laying of Tegula paving is not as common but is still just as effective. It creates a more uniform look to your driveway or patio. Staggered is the most common way of installing a 2 Sized Tegula paving installation.


1 Sized Tegula Paving1 SIZED LAYOUT:  1 Sized layouts are generally done using the largest of the Tegula paving. It can be laid staggered, offset or in a herringbone pattern. They do not interlock the same way as standard paving so it really only comes down to preference and what the overall finished look will look like.


Natural cobblestones are available in multiple colours and can be laid in swirling patterns, standard offset patterns and in stretcher bonds. Depending on the style of cobblestone it can be jointed cleanly with each other or they will require individually pointing to lock them in place. The overall desired outlook will dictate which pattern you would like.

Cobblestone PavingCIRCLED COBBLESTONE: Cobble stone setts laid in a circular pattern can create a beautiful standalone feature or combine very well into an existing paved or tarmac surface. You can complement this type of feature by adding a cobblestone border around your driveway or patio are as well.


Standard CobblestoneStandard Offset: You can lay cobblestones in a uniformed staggered pattern which can create a rustic feel to any driveway or patio area. This type of pattern will require jointing either with standard mortar or with a resin joint.


Swirled Cobblestone PatternSWIRLED COBBLESTONE: Reclaimed cobblestone sets can be laid in a swirling circular pattern creating a floral like design on your driveway or patio. More than suitable for any type of vehicles, it is one of the most beautiful types of driveways that you can install.

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