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Block Paving in Oxford

If you are thinking of replacing your old driveway or patio and you are interested in having it laid with block paving in Oxford, why not call the paving specialists at Oxfordshire Paving LTD for a free estimate?

We provide a range of Oxford paving options including permeable paving, standard paving, Tegula paving, cobble stone paving and retro style block paving in Oxford. Regardless of the type of block paving that we install in Oxford, it comes backed by a written installation guarantee covering the quality of our work.

We Lay Block Paving in Oxford on Driveways and Patios

Call our team today in Oxford to meet you and go through the options available including the different types of surfaces. Drainage, level requirements, sub base surfacing requirements are handled during the quotation process where we can assess your block paving requirements.

Our skilled block pavers have over 25 years experience at laying block paving on driveways, patios, gardens and pathways. We provide a complete paving solution which includes:

  • Standard Block Paving
  • Tegula Paving
  • Permeable Paving
  • Cobblestone Paving
  • Block Paving Repairs
  • Lift and Relay
  • Extending Block Paving

We will provide you with options on the various types of edging, custom tailored steps and pattern choices available for you along with your block paving driveway or patio area in Oxford.

Experts At Laying Marshalls, Tegula, Driveline and Brett Paving

Each time we lay block paving on a driveway or patio, we ensure a high quality paving product is used. The block paving that we install is capable of handling all types of vehicular traffic (We will discuss the vehicular requirements as sometimes a 60mm block will be more viable than a 50mm paving block).

Depending on colour and textures, we sometimes will recommend Marshalls Driveline or Tegula, sometimes we might recommend Brett or Barleystone as well. What matters the most is only using products that we can guarantee to be durable and suitable for your home.

We provide a yearly maintenance check and offer a 50% discount to previous customers looking to seal their block paving. Call the Oxford block paving contractors of choice today.

We can give you a tour of previous work to give you some ideas on how you would like your own block paving to look. Check out our other driveway solutions by going to our gravel, tarmac or concrete sections. We believe in providing value to each and everyone of our customers.

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Call the professionals to discuss laying block paving in Oxford on your driveway or patio. We offer free estimates on all block paving installations in Oxford. Same day call out and quotation. 10 year guarantee. Quality work. Great prices.